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Foreside Architects

Everyone at the Portland, Maine firm Foreside Architects is passionate about design. You'll feel that enthusiasm when you choose Foreside as the architect for your next project. There are many ways to choose an architect. Foreside Architects is a smaller firm which translates into more direct access, enhanced time management, and better value. Our clients' success is our focus every day.

Residential Architecture
Your home is a very personal space. Foreside-Architech-callout.jpg Designing your home requires finding the appropriate balance between function and form. Our discussions will work to define your priorities for the most successful outcome. From the simple to the complex, whether remodeling, renovating or new construction, Foreside Architects can help you shape your ideas into the inviting personal space you've been imagining.

Commercial Architecture
Concept, objective and budget are key factors in successful commercial design work. Our extensive experience helps clients articulate and express their ideas while planning their future building environment. Our expertise extends beyond the design to all aspects of project management. Our involvement throughout the project helps to facilitate communication between all parties involved including construction companies, development groups plus state and local officials.

Interior Design
When you imagine your interior, what shape does it take? How will it be used? Your answers to these key questions will guide us as we create a pleasant interior environment for your residential or commercial project. Budget, circulation, lighting, color, texture and other functional requirements will be key elements of our conversation.

Sustainability has everyone's attention these days, but it's always been valued here at Foreside Architects. The decisions we make while developing your design take many factors into consideration including site selection, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, life cycle costs, as well as many other project specific possibilities. As your sustainability partner, Foreside Architects will provide creative solutions to resolve your project's challenges

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