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Coastal Solar

Coastal Solar (Division of Stephen Stanley Electrical Contractor)

Electrician Stephen Stanley founded his MDI based company Coastal Solar because solar power is very exciting here in Maine as we have an advantage over most of the other parts of the country. We receive excellent sunshine due to our proximity to the gulf-stream and resulting weather patterns. In fact, Maine is one of the States that receives some of the best sun in New England and better than half the nation.

Coastal Solar is able to custom design and install solar energy systems specific to your property, location and needs. There are 3 types of systems and several types of installation methods that we offer such as roof mounts, pole mounts and ground mounts. All solar system designs and installations are always done with maximum efficiency and benefit in mind. Many of the systems we provide have been field tested and proven over 3 decades.

Grid IQ
The GridEye Energy Monitor measures energy usage and production in real-time, and historical data of multiple energy management devices, which empower consumers
and facilities managers alike with real-time information on electricity use and costs.

How does it work? The GridEye Energy Monitor measures electricity using Current Transformers (CTs), which are attached to each each circuit in your electrical panel and to the main power leads feeding your home or business.

All of our installations are done by qualified and licensed electricians.


Stephen Stanley Electrical Contractor, Mount Desert Island Maine Solar Panel Installation Contractors

31 Bass Harbor Road
Southwest Harbor, Maine   04679
Phone: 207-244-5425

Coastal Solar, Solar Panel Installation Services, Mount Desert Island Maine

Coastal Solar, Mount Desert Island Maine Solar Contractors

Solar Panel Design & Installations, Mount Desert Island, Maine, Coastal Solar, Division of Stephen Stanley Electrical Contractor