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Game day, rainy day, or just "veg" time after work, the relationship between a man and his own cave is an undeniably passionate one. And perhaps the best thing of it all: Along with its entertainment value, it is one of the easiest renovations you can make to your home.

Everyone knows that the easiest way to add value to your home is through upgrading the kitchen. With complete renovations costing tens of thousands, how does the budget-conscious homeowner update and refresh that dated, dark, or dingy kitchen?
Here are a few tips to get you well on your way to a kitchen that you’ll want to show off:

“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.” ~Ernest Hemingway

There is little that symbolizes our sense of romance more perfectly than a bottle of wine. Wine becomes the embodiment of celebration and merriment as we raise our glasses, make our heartfelt toasts and clink our glasses!

Today, more homeowners are discovering the pleasures of storing wine in their homes. Wine cellars, once considered an indulgence, have become more accessible, convenient and practical. There are a wide variety of options available, ranging from

Finish by making the calls, introducing yourself and asking questions about services offered, fees, estimates, and emergency situations. Write down all of the pertinent information along with the person’s name, number, etc., and keep in a safe and memorable place. Now rest assured in the fact that you can call on a reputable plumber and electrician that you can trust in both your projects and your home.

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No matter what construction project you are undertaking with your home, an experienced, reputable architect is an invaluable asset to the process. Whether you are building an entire house, adding a bonus room, or remodeling your existing home, an architect provides designs and works with your local contractor to ensure that your home turns out just as you wish.

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Spring is almost here and with it comes landscaping plans to show off your home and yard at their best. The first step to achieving this is constructing a useful, economical, and attractive garden shed to help organize your landscaping tools and potting materials.

Design for your needs

Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring
Vintage Barn Board
Made in Maine

Reclaimed Wood flooring Made in Maine! A small company in New Gloucester Maine that searches the country to find barns and historical buildings that are being dismantled, is producing wood flooring from a different age. Once you have seen and touched reclaimed wood flooring produced from vintage heart pine timbers, your idea of what defines a beautiful wood floor will be forever changed.

What is the first rule of construction that every homeowner knows? “We need to get three competitive bids.”

Most homeowners are not well educated in the homebuilding or remodeling process and may only do one or two such projects in their entire lifetime. Often they make a poor choice in selecting a contractor when it is based on price alone. The assumption with competitive bidding is that the plans and specifications are so clear and unambiguous that any randomly selected,

Maine law requires that home construction or repair work costing more than $3,000 be based on a written contract. If your planning to hire a home improvement professional to work on your home, here are the facts.

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