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Efficient Design - Energy Savers

By Erik Braunitzer and courtesy of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company, brokers for Luxury NYC Rentals.

In today’s society, going green has gone beyond recycling newspapers and composting. Going green has gained popularity in the way people are constructing their homes, the way they run their business and how we go about living our everyday lives at home. Here are some energy efficient ideas to not only save the planet, but to also help you cut costs and save money.


Winterize the windows, seal the extra doors, and whip out those extra jackets from the attic. It is indeed that time of year again. The impending winter tundra is indeed upon us and as we each are again reminded of just how cold it can get in the house over the next couple months. Soon, heating the house will Spaceheater2.jpgbecome an everyday necessity and the strategies by which to get what's best for your home are easier than you might think.

By Nancy Marshall, Principal, Nancy Marshall Communications, Augusta, Maine NMarshall head shot_0_0.jpg

Many contractors believe that word of mouth is the best source of new business….and rightly so. People are much more likely to act on a referral from a friend or business contact who they like and trust. Word of mouth marketing is by far the most powerful type of marketing.

Here are five reasons that contractors should use social media to generate word of mouth.

Watching HGTV got you itching to redecorate and renovate? That is, until you consider the hefty price tag attached to it. When you need to bring your home into the 21st century without breaking the bank, revitalizing your walls with paint and wallpaper is an impacting, easy, and cost-effective choice. Here are some of the latest trends and tricks to help you revive your walls to show off what you have to its best advantage.


No matter what construction project you are undertaking with your home, an experienced, reputable architect is an invaluable asset to the process. Whether you are building an entire house, adding a bonus room, or remodeling your existing home, an architect provides designs and works with your local contractor to ensure that your home turns out just as you wish.

Click here to browse our directory of Maine Architects!

Everyone knows that the easiest way to add value to your home is through upgrading the kitchen. With complete renovations costing tens of thousands, how does the budget-conscious homeowner update and refresh that dated, dark, or dingy kitchen?
Here are a few tips to get you well on your way to a kitchen that you’ll want to show off:

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